Why TechGrip?

Our team has been working very closely with goalkeepers playing at different levels  across the world. Being involved in this industry from over 10 years, we have taken  out the time to survey goalkeepers, understand their needs and purchasing power  before launching our own brand in 2020. Our goal is to build a community and  network of goalkeepers across the world. Academy or non league, professional or  semi pro, Premier League or Sunday League, you all are important to us. Only a  keeper can understand what it is to be in another keeper’s ‘gloves’. So when you shop  with us, or purchase an item from us, or visit our social media handles, we want you  to feel as if it is a place where you belong and valued. Our objective is not to make a  quick sale, rather to build a long lasting relationship with another fellow goalkeeper .

Are the gloves durable?

Yes, absolutely! One of the biggest points of concerns while surveying academy and  non-league goalkeepers across the world was the non durability of the gloves they  used. Most keepers would have to spend anywhere over $120 to $150 for a pair of  gloves to only see them running back to the store to grab another pair a month or two  later. We have worked extremely hard, testing our gloves in the harshest of  conditions, ensuring that the gloves not only sustain the weather conditions for that  time being but rather be used for a reasonable amount of time after.

How long will it take to deliver? 

It usually takes us anywhere between 1-3 days to deliver across UAE and 10-14 days  to Australia and around the world. Orders placed before 12pm can be dispatched on  the same day.

Are we open for collaborations? 

Yes! No matter how small or big your business is, as long as it has some relevance to  the game that we adore so much, or sport in general. We would love to hear you out! Email us your proposal at support@techgrip.com.au and we can take it on from there.
If you are an individual, do send us your resume and link your social media handle  along with your proposal and a description of yourself. While we cannot promise about the number of proposals that we will accept, we will try our best to get back to  you within 48 hours! 

Where are our gloves designed? 

Our gloves are designed in Sydney and Dubai. We have a specialized team working  in both of these cities to ensure that you are equipped with the best quality and  designed gloves. We have a virtual assistant based in Germany who ensures that the  latex exported matches the standard that we have set which is used to manufacture  the gloves in Pakistan. 

Want to be a part of the TechGrip team, have any recommendations, product ideas?

Lovely! Email us at support@techgrip.com.au with your resume, ideas,  recommendations, feedback etc and we would love to get in touch with you.  However, keep in mind that if you are wanting to work with us, you must bring  something to the table which is of value to the company. With that being said, we  would definitely be keeping an eye out for talented individuals that have something  of value to offer!

Do we Refund or Exchange?

We strictly follow the guidelines laid down by the Australian Consumer Law